Monday, May 3, 2010

Is the new Arizona immigration law unconstitutional? Or racist?

In light of Friday's discussion of the new Arizona Immigration Law, I would like to give everyone an opportunity to provide their insight, since discussion was cut short by time constraints. The discussion became quite lively and it is my view that the issue is too important not to allow another outlet for people to express their views. I encourage everyone to participate, even if you are from one of my other courses or are a casual reader of this blog.

For those of you who were not present in my World Civ. II course when the law was raised, the class discussed whether the new statute was constitutional and whether or not it would lead to racial profiling. Here is a snippet from the Constitutional Prof Law Blog that will sum up the most controversial part of the law:

The new Arizona law allows state officials to inquire into the immigration status of any person based upon "reasonable suspicion":

For any lawful contact made by a law enforcement official or agency of this state or a county, city, town or other political subdivision of this state where reasonable suspicion exists that the person is an alien who is unlawfully present in the United States, a reasonable attempt shall be made, when practicable, to determine the immigration status of the person.

I made it quite clear that I believe that the law will be proven unconstitutional and that it will lead to racial profiling. I concede that my opinion was in the minority in the discussion and that there is another side to the issue. For those who are reading this who are not members of my World Civ. course, the issue was raised within the context of a discussion of Nazism. In 1935, the Nuremburg Laws were passed, limiting the rights of German Jews significantly. I am therefore sensitive to any law that singles out one group of people and denies them legal rights. I am not saying that the U.S. is in danger of becoming a Fascist state; however, it is my view that laws like this present us with a slippery slope--today, one group, tomorrow, another. I believe as a nation we can come up with more sensible immigration policy that protects the rights of all.

For a critique of the Arizona law, read Mike Saporito's blog, "What is Arizona Thinking?".

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    This video says it all. Enabling a law like this will promote racial profiling. I'm pretty sure we already fought wars to create equality...if this law stays in effect we will probably be fighting some more. I really can not believe a law like this was even suggested.

  2. The equality card is not into play anymore because if the U.S. were doing that, there will be complaints everywhere. Let me explain.. In order for a white student to recieve a scholarship from high school you must have a high A grade point average. Hispanics as well as blacks need a C grade point average and must be good at a sport. Wheres the equality there? If hispanics want equality, at least learn english so people can actually understand your point. (Being so serious) The United States makes everything easy when it comes to different races because other races will pull out the equality card and cry about it. White people should clearly be pissed off because everything they do, they have to do even better because there expectations are so high. Other races tasks are half-assed, so what does that say that about the goverments thoughts about immigrants? Not that they don't have what it takes, but they wouldn't be able to take what working class people do. Such as pay taxes, medical expenses and so on because most just want to take sucky jobs, mooch off the U.S. revenue and then leave.. Why should the U.S. allow that? Some don't want to be citizens, they want to steal the revenue from the country and bring it back to theirs. This law should be put in affect because lets face it they are swarming into this country to take the U.S. revenue and fucking us all. Then on top of all that, complaining how the U.S. goverment runs.. Really? Newsflash, if you want to be accepted and "equal" put up with all the bullshit everyone else had to instead of trying to change the U.S. goverment. The Irish, Italians, and Blacks ALL were racially profiled, so that is what is going to happen. Suck it up like every other race did and stop protesting because illegals have NO SAY in this country. This country is over populated with citizens as it is, never mind the ones who don't even count because they pay nothing to help this goverment. I know this may sound harsh but really think about it and history before you point fingers and call me racist. Whoever has a license has to carry it with them anyways, why not just show that? It's not like you have to carry papers because you wouldn't have a lisence with no papers. It's that simple! Hispanics are making it a big deal because they are getting caught, protesting just like every other race. If they want to be equal put on your big boy pants and face the music just like EVERYONE else who were up against this kind of issue.

  3. Thank you both for your comments. I appreciate your participation in this discussion.

    The problem with the law as many see it is that having a license may not be enough if you are Hispanic--you will need to prove that you are a citizen (with papers). Even conservative news outlets like Fox News are backing off of this one.

    I don't think saying that every ethnicity/race gets picked on and therefore Hispanics must "suck it up" is good enough. Why continue the racism of the past and make it worse?